1. helmikuuta 2013

We have to forgive others like Christ forgave us!

Today I'm talking about forgiveness. God ask us to forgive, and why is that..? Because you have to forgive to be forgiven. We have to forgive others like Christ forgave us. Do anyone of you know, what is the first step to forgiveness..? The first step is to eknowledge what was done. Because many times, we dont want to eknowledge what we've done. You know, when you dont forgive somebody, you give them power over your life. They are sleeping at night and you are walking aroud remembering everything they've done. This last weeks have been hard, until the Lord spoke to me on tuesday, and he said.. Forgiveness is not for the other persone, it's for you! And the longer you hold on to the pain, the past, the hurt and the memories, the longer you hold yourself to be happy and free. People often say that "this persone did this and that is why I'm this way." I use to say that too. My life have never been good. 13 years in a violent family. Everything I did or didn't do was because I had lived a certain kind of life. But now I understand that my mom and dad gave me life, that is all they were suppose to do. No matter how good or how bad that life was, it's up to me to make something good out of it. We all need to stop beeing victims and do something with our lives. All this time I have been mad at everybody who have hurt me. I have lost my sleep at night while the people who have hurt me sleep well. And for what..? The only persone hurting is me not them. So I decided to forgive them, and that same moment when I said "I forgive you", I felt free. Now is my turn to say I'm sorry to people I have hurt and hope they will forgive me. However, the most important thing is that I ask God to forgive me, and he will. 

I was debating with my brother yesterday and he said "It's good that you have found God, but not everybody finds him. And I said to my brother, you have to open your heart to find him. In january every direction I turned, there was drama, and I felt that I was losing friends for reasons I didn't even know. And I was mad at God, because everything I asked him, he didn't give it to me. Until one day he spoke through a friend of mine, and she said.. You have to be patient, God dont work when you want him to work, he work when it's time to work. So now I have been praying and waiting patiently, and you all know that I'm not a patient persone, but with God I have to be.

Today is the first of february, one month has gone by and no change has taken place in my life. Now I decided that it's time for me to be happy. Even though it is really annoying to call people and knowing that if I wouldn't call them, they would not call me, but that is what I have to do. Because later on, no one can come and say to me that I didn't tried.  Now I'll see who is worthy and who is not!

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